Easy on the eyes?

Easy on the eyes?.


Easy on the eyes?

Does being “good looking” get you the job or that extra spice on your egg nog latte? Was nip tuck right on the money? No, but in some cases I think yes. Names have been changed to protect the pretty. Usually when you want a job you gotta go after it but what about if you get approached because you not only put your heart and soul in it but it helped that u also look great. I think that I just used a fragment sentence. **self talk. Ok back to the subject – do you know someone that you look up to but is so stinking cute? Well I do and that person means the world to me. They aren’t stuck up or fake just natural but s god given gift of being beautiful. However, it’s always in the eye of the beholder…with that said we live in a world of beautiful friends. I do think society gives that extra sparkle a chance, u get picked, you get surprised. Is it wrong? Is it biased? Let me ask you this, are willing to age gracefully with grays and wrinkles? I thought I would until I found a patch of gray and died my hair “dark brown” aka black as hell. Everyone wants to look their best including me then you think how silly was I to die 5 grey hairs and look goth and emo. All in all I’m proud of my friend who got asked to do a career she loves because it surprised her. Did her looks contribute? Maybe. Eye of the beholder. Everyone has beauty and some people see it and some people don’t. Go do what you love, you might just get picked bc they see your passion. I leave you with a quote I heard from a artistic graduate and great human “Don’t be famous because your a model or a football/basketball player but because your so smart and and kind.”

Leisurely stroll

Sooooooo I hear an awful screech as I stop at lights, turns, etc. I’m no mechanic but I’m preee-ty sure I need new breaks. Shit, how much are those going to cost? So I buck up because I can’t stand the sound any longer and take it to Oishis Auto Service up on Beacon Hill. James and I decide to drop it off in the morning and take the bus to work to get some stuff done since the building is open. Well taking the bus turns into, “screw it lets just walk,” says me. So it’s 9ish am and we begin our leisurely walk. I can feel the sun splashing in my face as we walk down a hilly street with a smile on my face breathing in the fresh Seattle air. We even stop at the local coffee shop so I can get some English Breakfast tea and enjoy my journey of scoping out the random shops, gas marts, and people watching. One hour later as we are ascending the great mountain hill of Waters Street I start thinking about how nice it would have been to be on a bus rockin out to tunes and drinking my now cold hot tea.

At school/work I check emails, clean Goldey’s tank (ELL classroom pet), chat with co-workers, snag the awesome lime green swivel office chair from the surplus room, and find some good reads for the rest of the week. James comes to check on me and we agree on a time to go pick up my car Volvey (Volvo). “So how are we picking up your car?”, asks James. “Well, it’s so nice out and it only took an hour so let’s walk back!” I’m grinning down at the hill that I was cursing at only a few hours earlier. As we stroll I see James switching this re-usable bag full of papers he needs to grade among other things in it. “Is that heavy?” “Uh yeah, not including the books I have in my backpack” “Wus”, I think in my head. A few blocks later we are in the same swinging pattern of switching arms. Me with my purse of course, because I managed to load it up with tea bags I left at school and some books.

Wtf was I thinking? My shoulders were already sore from yesterday’s work out at Rocket crossfit. I am wearing sweats with a hole in the crotch and of course I’m commando. Luckily it was not the very front of my sweats but my towards the middle inside. No wonder I felt a little spring breeze around my nether region. 45 minutes go by and the “once leisurely walk with the sun splashing my face” has turned to, “Are we fing there yet!?”, Im cursing in my mind. I start to think how awesome I must look to the people driving by and/or walking. I have ripped sweats (I let James in on the secret), no make-up, no sunglasses, fuzzy frizzy bangs which are too short right now to pull behind my ears, a hello kitty shirt under my jacket, and a swiveling side to side purse. I begin to sweat and the jacket zipper is slowly making it’s way down to expose Ms. Hello Kitty herself and I’m pretty sure my bra underneath because I’ve had this fave shirt for years, and the frequent switching of my purse from arm to arm. Lookin Good! At least I’m wearing pink nail polish to match my shirt.

I distract myself from the pain in my shoulders and the indecency of said outfit by watching children playing, doing cartwheels, and frolicking in grassy field by a community center. I walk up the last hill, “Yesssssssss!, I think to myself to only see one more hill to climb. “Whaaaaaaaat?”, I throw my head back and begin to stomp up the last hill. I start to lag behind James because the man walks like a he’s in the Olympics for fast walking and because I’m all of 5’2″. We finally reach our destination!! Where is my gold medal? Where is the cheering? Where is my beer at the finish line? “Oh there it is, my car with new breaks and clean rims!”

As we return home in the car, I am thankful for the comfort and ride from Volvey. We have lunch, relax and my curiosity kicks in. “How long was that awesome walk?” I know think its awesome because it’s over. Our leisurely stroll was 6.3 miles. As I looked up the distance it began poring rain outside :). Granted it stopped after 15 minutes but a smirk appeared on my face. So there is the grand story of my leisurely stroll.


So here I am writing my first blog. I remember thinking about the first time hearing the word and thinking to myself,”What the hell is that?!” So now years later I have given into the world of blogging and creating my thoughts for others to read. I have always been very critical of my writing and have taken first steps to publish, it’s a bit nerve racking. In my later blogs I hope to write about things I love and or things I can rant about. Now that we’ve gotten my fears out let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am soon to be 33 year old woman who lives in Columbia city with her bf and his 100lb Weimeriner dog. My past times include dressing up Mason (dog), surrounding myself with loving friends/family, finding & cooking yummy meals, and going to CrossFit and praying every time I go in that I’m getting better at it. Toodles.